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Whether you are looking for luxury watches or men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry, Authentick has exactly what you need. Jewelry is a great way to complete an outfit, to show off one’s status, or to offer as a token of your affections. Not all jewelry is created equal, however. At our jewelry shop in Philly, we offer luxury pieces that stand apart from the rest. Here’s a little about us and some of the stunning pieces that we can offer you.

Men’s & Women’s Jewelry Store in Philly

Who We Are

Authentick is one of the best jewelry stores serving the Center City, Philadelphia area. Close to Chestnut Street and Rittenhouse, our jewelers are experts in their field. They can identify beautiful gems, diamonds, and other precious metals. They’re also aware of the latest trends in the jewelry world. When you want fine and high end men’s and women’s jewelry, we’re the jewelry store to visit.

Repairing Your Jewelry

One service that we also provide besides selling and buying watches and high end jewelry is repairing it. Our jewelry repair service is ready to take any damaged luxury piece and make it brand new. Did your stunning wedding ring become chipped or lose a diamond? We can help refurbish and make it just as beautiful as you remember it.

Perhaps your ring doesn’t fit anymore. We can help you resize it. Did your necklace break when you attempted to put it on? We can attach a new band. No matter the challenge, we will find a way to repair your jewelry.

Along with repairing services, we also offer these stunning pieces for sale in Center City, Philadelphia.

The Best Jewelry Store in Philadelphia

Downtown Philadelphia has a lot of jewelry stores. Yet few offer the kind of fine jewelry that we do. If you want rare and authentic jewelry pieces, then you need to get them from Authentic. Here’s why our jewelry store on Chestnut Street Philadelphia is different.

Why You Should Buy Fine Jewelry From Our Jewelers in Philadelphia

If you’re looking for the best men’s jewelry or women’s jewelry, then it needs to come from our jewelry stores on Philadelphia Chestnut Street. Unlike other jewelry stores, we carefully examine each piece of jewelry that comes into our store. That last thing our jewelers ever want to do is sell a fake to someone.

Some stores in Center City, Philadelphia don’t care if they’re selling fake items or not to their clients. They use predatory tactics to push their men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry. Our expert jewelers carefully examine the luxury jewelry we take in and ensure it’s priced fairly.

Another reason you should buy our fine jewelry in the Philadelphia area is that we carry different brands. If you have a favorite kind of brand of luxury jewelry, then we likely carry it. Our jewelry store takes pride in being able to offer some of the most coveted brands of fine jewelry in the world.

We also offer jewelry repair in Philly, Pennsylvania. You may already have jewelry that is your favorite, yet after extended use, it’s starting to fall apart. You can trust our jewelers in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia to perform careful jewelry repair. We’ll make sure your favorite pieces are able to be worn again.

Why You Should Buy Jewelry in Philly

If you’re looking to wow your loved one with a gift, then purchasing them earrings, a necklace, or even a luxury watch is a great choice to make. Not only does it show just how much you care about them, but it’s a gift that they can keep on wearing.

It’s also a great thing to collect. Buying certain brands may prove to be lucrative in the future. You could end up setting yourself up for the future.

Visit Our Store In Pennsylvania Today

When you want the best service and products, you need to visit our store. Take a look at our inventory in-person or on our online store. You’ll be amazed at the stunning pieces we can offer.