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Jewelry Shop in Newtown, PA

When it is time to look for new jewelry for yourself or a loved one, it is important to shop somewhere that you can trust. There are far too many jewelry stores out there who take advantage of their customers. At Authentick, we do something different. We offer incredible products at authentic prices with authentically caring jewelers. All of our jewelers are expert in their fields, so you can be sure that you are receiving professional advice from actual professionals. Here is a little about who we are and what incredible products we offer.

Who We Are

Authentick first emerged as a watch shop. We offered not only to buy and sell watches, but we also offered watch repairs. Our store in Pennsylvania quickly began to grow as more people came to us for their needs for watch repairs or to buy the latest luxury watches. Eventually, we also opened our jewelry shop.

Now we offer luxury jewelry to everyone. If you are in Langhorne, PA or Newtown, PA, then stop by and see what incredible pieces we have for you.

Jewelry Repairs in Langhorne, PA

Besides just buying and selling beautiful pieces, we can also repair the beautiful pieces that you already own. Did your watch break and you cannot imagine going to work without it? Perhaps your wedding ring needs a new band or resizing? Did your necklace break and its gems scatter?

Our watch repairs and jewelry repair services are yours from which to benefit. Our jewelers who work in jewelry repair will carefully examine each piece and use delicate tools to restore it to its original majesty. When you need jewelry repair in Bucks County, stop by our store in Langhorne, PA and Newtown, PA, too.

The Best Jewelry Stores in Newtown, PA and Langhorne, PA

Whether you need a watch repair or you want to see what our jewelers have in stock, we have you covered. Our expertise and careful inspection of our jewelry make our jewelry shops in Newtown, PA and Langhorne, PA a cut above the rest. When you want to shop somewhere you can trust, you should visit us at Authentick.

Why You Should Choose Our Jewelry Shops in Newtown, PA and Langhorne, PA

Our jewelry stores are second-to-none because of the experience that our jewelers have. We’ve spent years pouring over jewelry to determine what’s real and what’s fake. That’s why you can be sure that all of the jewelry pieces you see in our jewelry shops are authentic.

Our jewelers are also experienced in providing high-quality watch repair. If your favorite watch is starting to act funny, then our jewelry shops can help. We’ll provide you with a watch repair that is both affordable and high-quality.

No matter what you’re looking for in terms of pieces or watches, our jewelry stores have exactly what you need.

Check Out Our Jewelry Stores Today

The next time you’re looking for a pair of earrings or a ring for your loved one, you need to come to our store. Our team can help you choose the piece that fits your loved one’s personality and style the best. We can also repair your watch and ensure that every luxury piece you buy is authentic.  

Choose Our Jewelry Stores Today

Do not waste your time with other jewelers who do not know a thing about cuts and luxury. Find exactly what you need at Authentick. Take a look at our store today and find the piece of jewelry that you need to complete your next stunning outfit.