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Did your favorite watch or piece of jewelry suddenly break? Instead of despairing and placing it in a drawer never to be seen again, come to Authentick. Our store offers jewelry repair as well as buying and selling luxury jewelry. Come see why our jewelry stores leave the other jewelry shops behind. Here is a little bit about us and some of the luxury pieces that we offer.

Who We Are

With a deep understanding of watches, Authentick began with buying and selling watches. As our employees started to understand watches more, we also introduced watch repairs. We decided to branch out into luxury jewelry as well over time. Our Newtown jewelers are some of the brightest and friendly jewelers that you’ll find in the area.

Our jewelry in Yardley, PA is high-end and fashionable. Aside from selling upscale jewelry, we also provide jewelry repair.

Reliable Jewelry Repair in Bucks County

Our jewelry shops do more than just buy and sell incredible pieces of jewelry. We also offer jewelry repair in Levittown. Nothing is more devastating than seeing your wedding ring break or an heirloom crumble due to age. We can help, our jewelers are experts with jewelry repair.

We can help you restore the piece as well as restore antiques. When you need jewelry repair, you need someone that you can trust. Our team of jewelers is ready to treat your accessory with great care and transform it back into its original state.

The Best Jewelers in Bucks County, PA

If you’re looking for reputable jewelers who can offer jewelry repair or you want to shop for new jewelry, then our jewelers in Bucks County and Buckingham, PA are the place to stop. We have several different kinds of jewelry pieces for sale. We’ve also been helping clients repair their jewelry and watches for years. When you want to work with jewelry you can trust in Bucks County, PA, then you need to visit Authentick.

Why You Should Choose Our Jewelry Store in Bucks County and Buckingham, PA

One reason why you should visit our store in Buckingham, PA is, our team is experts at jewelry repair. We’ve been helping clients for years with their broken pieces. We’ve faced several challenges, yet each time, our team has overcome them and given beautiful and repaired pieces back to their owners.

Another reason you should visit our store in Bucks County, PA is, you can be sure our pieces are authentic. We carefully check each piece that comes into our store to ensure it’s authentic.

You won’t have to worry about buying frauds from us.

Visit Our Store in Bucks Today

Don’t let your favorite piece collect dust. Bring it to us for high-quality jewelry repair. You may also potentially find a new favorite piece to wear. Come visit our professional store today or take a look at our website to see all of our collections. We offer great prices and incredible luxury watch collections.  

Choose Our Jewelry Shops in Bucks County Today

Do not second-guess the quality of your jewelry. Shop at Authentick to receive authentic pieces of jewelry that you and your lover will adore.