Men’s and Women’s Rolex Watches

Men’s and Women’s Rolex Watches

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      94 products


      One of Forbes Magazine’s top 100 most valuable brands in the world, Rolex, is easily the most recognizable and prestigious watchmaker on the planet. In its storied 100+ year history, the firm has constantly pursued peerless standards of precision and reliability, making numerous pioneering advances in watch design that have since become commonplace.

      Today, Rolex continues to innovate and create highly desirable luxury watches that are highly sought after by collectors; in fact, Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona currently holds the world record for the most expensive wristwatch ever sold at auction, raking in an astounding $17.75 million dollars. With credentials like that, it’s easy to see why Rolex watches is the first name that comes to mind when we think about luxury watches.

      For more than a century, Rolex watches have been synonymous with success and luxury, and their supporting partnerships in motorsports, deep-sea exploration, mountaineering, tennis, golf, and other sports have gained them countless fans among the rich and powerful all around the world. Their wide range of men’s and women’s styles gives them a broad appeal and makes them wearable with all sorts of outfits and on almost any occasion. If you’d like to buy Rolex watches, AUTHENTICK keeps a large inventory of luxury watches in our Center City, Philadelphia store and showroom, including the Rolex Day-Date, the Rolex Submariner, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and the Rolex GMT Master II. Any of these meticulously crafted timepieces would make a fine addition to your collection. Our stock of Rolex watches encompasses one of our largest selections of different models that cater to both men’s and women’s tastes and they’re all available to buy at our store; many of them can also be purchased online to build your ultimate Rolex collection!

      Buy Men’s and Women’s Luxury Watches Online

      If you’re interested in Rolex watches for men or a Rolex watch for women, you need to get in touch with AUTHENTICK today to buy a Rolex online or in-store! We’re well known as the Philadelphia area’s first stop for all their men’s and ladies’ luxury timepiece needs but our clients come to us from all over the world to browse our online store. Take a look at our selection and you’ll understand why; not only do we carry a wide variety of popular men’s and women’s Rolex models, we also stock some rare, limited-edition pieces like the Hublot King Power Manchester United Limited Edition or the Richard Mille RM69 Tourbillon, that would be difficult to find anywhere else.

      Rolex is easily one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable names in the watch industry, and for good reason. Since its inception in the early 1900’s, Rolex has done a great deal to push the industry forward. A constant pursuit of precision and reliability has led Rolex to develop and perfect many functions that are now quite commonplace. Some of Rolex’s notable innovations include:

      • The first watchmaker to earn chronometer certification for a wristwatch 
      • The first waterproof wristwatch
      • The first self-winding automatic watch
      • The first wristwatch with an automatically changing date on the dial
      • The first wristwatch case waterproof to 100 meters
      • The first wristwatch to show two time zones at once
      • The first wristwatch with an automatically changing day and date on the dial.

       Throughout its storied history, Rolex has become synonymous with success and luxury, securing itself as a household name through their supporting partnerships in motorsport, deep-sea exploration, mountaineering, tennis, golf, and other sports all over the world.

      Whether you’re looking to purchase Rolex watches for men, or a Rolex watch for women, sell/trade, or need repair or restoration services, we can help! Get in touch with AUTHENTICK today by dialing (215) 355-3585, by filling out our online contact form, shop our selection to buy a Rolex online, or visit us in person at our Center City Philadelphia location.


      Nothing quite speaks luxury watches like Rolex watches for men. Perhaps one of the most beloved and known luxury watch brands, Rolex has made a name for itself over the years. No watch collection is ever complete without buying a Rolex. Yet when it comes to buying a Rolex online, you have to be careful. There are plenty of scammers who want you to buy a Rolex from them that’s fake. To ensure your Rolex watches for men are authentic, you need to shop at Authentick.


      We make buying a Rolex online easy. If you spot a Rolex online that you want in our store, then simply make a purchase. We’ll discreetly and securely ship your watch to your door. We take the time to showcase all of our Rolex watches for men. This allows you to buy the Rolex online that speaks to you the most.

      Another benefit of buying a Rolex watch online at Authentick is that you know it’s the real deal. We carefully inspect each Rolex that we obtain to ensure it’s authentic. Don’t waste money on other Rolex watch online purchases that end up being fakes. Our Rolex watches for men and Rolex watches for women are guaranteed to be real.


      Make a statement at your next social engagement by wearing an authentic Rolex. You’ll find great prices and collections at our store. Check out our website to buy a Rolex online or drop by our store today to see them all. 

      No other brand of watch in the world has attained the level of stature that Rolex has. If it’s a Rolex watch, you know for a fact that it means quality, style, and luxury. It is a timepiece found in pop culture, and literature alike. Buying a brand-new Rolex is heavy on the pocket, but good thing you can get authentic pre-owned men’s Rolex here at Authentick in Philadelphia.


      Rolex is easily recognizable. There’s no need to introduce one of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands. It’s the planet’s most prestigious watchmaker, a household name that may even eclipse the watch industry itself. In its 100+ year history, Rolex maintained its position in developing men’s watches with the highest standards of precision and reliability.


      It’s a dream to own a Rolex watch, but with its price? It’s going to be tough. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on an authentic Rolex. So, the question is, “Where do I buy pre-owned Rolex watches?” You don’t have to look anymore because Authentick has all the best-used Rolex watches for you.

      At Authentick, you can find pre-owned Rolex watches for men and women, all of them authentic. They aren’t a copy but genuine Rolex watches. It’s a fact you can find fake Rolexes as much as authentic ones, making it hard to distinguish if what you got is real or not. It’s even tougher to determine if it’s a fake or original Rolex when you buy them online.

      We understand your concern, and that’s why we’ve made an effort to be the best place where you can find the best women’s and men’s Rolex watches. Take advantage of the following benefits when you buy Rolex watches online or in-store from Authentick.

      •   25+ years of experience selling pre-owned high-end timepieces
      •   Source Rolex watchers from trusted independent distributors and suppliers
      •   Highly competitive price points for all our high-end products
      •   Variety of brands available in addition to Rolex
      •   Guaranteed authenticity of all Rolex watches


      Authentick has the best selection of men's & women’s Rolex watches online. If you’re looking to buy a Rolex online, browse through our selection of watches today!

      We offer the best selection of Rolex watches online. If you aren't located near our physical location in Philadelphia, you can buy your Rolex online. Whether you are looking to buy used or preowned Rolex watches, Authentick has them all. Buy your next Rolex online today!