The Impact of Discontinued Rolex Models and New Releases

Rolex, one of the world's most prestigious watchmakers, has been renowned for its luxurious and high-quality timepieces for over a century. However, the company is known for discontinuing certain models over time, leaving collectors wondering what happens to them after a new release. Let’s explore the reasons for discontinuing Rolex models, the impact on collectors, and the effect of new releases on existing Rolex watches for men.

Discontinued Rolex Models

Reasons for Discontinuation

Rolex discontinues certain models for a variety of reasons. Some models may not be selling as well as others, while others may become outdated in terms of design and technology. Rolex is also known for creating limited editions of its watches, which are only produced for a short period, resulting in their eventual discontinuation.

Impact of Discontinuation on Collectors

The discontinuation of Rolex models often leads to an increase in demand for these watches, as collectors strive to own a piece of history. This increased demand leads to an increase in price, as the supply of these models becomes scarce. For example, the Rolex Submariner "Hulk" was discontinued in 2020, leading to an increase in its price in the secondary market.


Discontinued Models in USA

Anticipation for New Releases

Rolex enthusiasts eagerly await the release of new models, as the company's watches are highly sought after for their design, durability, and value. The company's releases often create a buzz in the watch community, with collectors eagerly anticipating the latest addition to their collection.

Impact of New Releases on Prices

The release of new Rolex models often affects the prices of existing models, as collectors may opt to sell their older models to fund the purchase of the new release. For example, when the Rolex "Starbucks" was released in 2021, prices for the "Batman" model, which it replaced, decreased in the secondary market. Similarly, when Rolex transitioned from the steel bezel to the ceramic bezel on the Daytona, prices for the older steel bezel models increased, as collectors sought to own a piece of history. However, some of the price increases have returned to normal as supply increases and the steel-bezel Daytona’s continue to age.

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