5 Things To Consider Before Trading Your Rolex

5 Things To Consider Before Trading Your Rolex

When it is time to upgrade your current Rolex to a new model or another luxury brand watch, there are some things to keep in mind when selling used Rolex watches in Philadelphia. These expert tips can ensure you get the best deal possible. 

1. Have Your Documentation Ready

With each purchase of an authentic Rolex, you should receive documentation and the box that the watch was housed in at the time of purchase. Having the authentication papers and box will allow your Rolex to be appraised for more money.

2. Understand Market Value & Retail Value

When you go to trade or sell your used Rolex, you might hope to match the price you paid for it. In more cases than not, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to sell your watch for retail value. What you need to know is the market value of the watch, which is almost always slightly under retail value, as that will determine how much you will receive when you sell. 

3. Review The Condition Of Your Rolex

If you have a Rolex that is in perfect condition, then you can expect to receive the full market value for the watch. However, if your Rolex is not in the best condition and there are scratches, dents, or other signs of wear, it will bring down the market value. Keep in mind that having replaced parts on the watch will also deteriorate its value.

4. Find The Reference Number

When you are working on a trade or sale for your used Rolex, you can safely provide the reference number of the watch, but you do not need to make the serial number available. Reference numbers often denote details such as material, size, color, and more. The only time you should reference the serial number on your Rolex is when you are finalizing the deal. 

5. Choose The Right Party To Sale Or Trade

If you are ready to make a trade or sale with your Rolex, you need to reach out to an expert in the industry who can properly appraise luxury watches. It’s important to find an expert with the right experience so you can get the highest amount on your sale or trade. 

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