Trusted Jewelry Stores in Princeton, NJ

If you are tired of jewelry stores not having your interests in mind, then it’s time to check out Authentic. We are a watch repair, jewelry repair, and shop that caters to luxury brands. We know what pieces can become statements all their own. If you are in the Princeton, NJ area, then come see our stunning jewelry pieces. Here is a little about who we are and what pieces you can expect from us.

Who We Are

Authentick opened its doors in buying and selling luxury watches. When customers started coming to us with watches that had been broken or old antique watches, we started to learn how to repair them. Eventually, we expanded into the jewelry industry. We now offer gorgeous jewelry and jewelry repair.

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Reliable Jewelry Repair in Princeton

Whether you live in Princeton, NJ or you are just visiting, our jewelers can mend any broken jewelry pieces that you have. Our jewelry stores in Hamilton, as well as our jewelry stores Princeton NJ, are prepared to take any piece you have and repair them back to their original condition.

We understand that it takes a lot of trust to give someone your priceless heirlooms and favorite pieces of jewelry. However, we can assure you that our jewelers will be delicate during their jewelry repair and treat your pieces with the respect that they deserve.  Come to Authentick when you need jewelry repair.


Stop By Our Shop

When you want to experience jewelers, who know what they are talking about and can give actual advice, you need to come to Authentick. We offer an array of services and beautiful pieces to suit your every need.