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Don’t waste your time visiting other jewelry shops in Ewing, NJ. When you want friendly and expert jewelers and high-end jewelry, Authentick is the shop you need. We offer various pieces of jewelry that are elegant, beautiful, and designed to make an entrance. Here’s a little bit about us and some of the services and collections that we offer.

Who We Are

Authentick is a jewelry store that also buys and sells luxury watches. While it primarily started out in the watch business, we have since rapidly expanded into high-end jewelry. We’re devoted to our customers and love answering any questions they may have about jewelry.

jewelry stores in ewing nj

Jewelry Repair and Watch Repair

In addition to buying and selling watches and jewelry, our jewelry shops in Ewing, NJ also offer repairs. Like our jewelry stores in Hamilton, our Ewing, NJ jewelry shops can take your broken or old watches and jewelry and repair them like new.

We understand that many of those pieces are heirlooms or hold significant importance to you. Our respectful jewelers will treat it like their very own and refurbish and repair those pieces back to their original state. We specialize in rejuvenating antique pieces.

Don’t simply toss your old jewelry away or leave it in a drawer to be forgotten. Bring it to us and our jewelers will fix it. Besides repair services, our jewelry shops also offer the following collections.


Check Out Our Jewelry Stores Today

The search for luxury and high-end jewelry is over. Visit our store today in NJ and experience what it’s like to be served by jewelers who know the market and their product. Whether you need repairs, or you want to buy or sell a piece, we’ll help.