Premier Jewelers in South Jersey

Your jewelry shopping experience can be soured when you have to deal with unfriendly or unprofessional jewelers. Instead of having a passion for fine jewelry, they’re only out to make the biggest sale possible. You need jewelers that you can trust and who have a deep knowledge of diamonds and other precious gems and metals. At Authentick, our jewelers are passionate about their craft and love working with customers to find the piece that they need. Here’s a little bit about who we are, some of the services we provide, and some collections you can find in our store.

Who We Are

Authentick is a high-end jewelry store that also sells luxury watches. We serve several cities and counties in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our jewelry stores are unmatched in professionalism, inventory, and prices. When you want high-quality jewelry pieces and expert services, our jewelry shops are the ones to visit.

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Trusted & Reliable Jewelers in Jersey

One of the services that we provide at our jewelry stores aside from buying and selling jewelry is jewelry repair. Do you have a favorite piece that has fallen in disrepair over time? Perhaps you discovered an old heirloom or antique piece that you want to be restored.

Our jewelry stores can make it happen. We specialize in jewelry repair of old and new pieces. Our jewelry repair in NJ can even refurbish old antiques, so you can breathe new life into them.

Watch Repair

Aside from repairing jewelry, our jewelers are also capable of providing watch repair in Philadelphia and New Jersey services. Whether you have a brand new watch that broke or an old antique watch, we can have it functioning like new.

Custom Jewelry

Check Out Our South Jersey Jewelry Shops

The next time you’re in South Jersey, stop by and see our collections. We have the best jewelers in Philadelphia and Jersey. At our stores, you’ll find luxury watches and high-end, gorgeous, jewelry pieces.