Hublot is a relative newcomer to the haute horology scene, having left their mark shortly after inception in 1980 by Italian watchmaker, Carlo Crocco. Due in large part to Crocco’s emphasis on the fusion of new materials and Jean-Claude Biver’s undeniable influence over the brand’s direction, Hublot has cemented itself as a true enthusiast’s manufacturer. Many purists were quick to criticize Hublot’s avant garde fusion of cutting edge materials, such as rose gold, steel, rubber, titanium, ceramic, Kevlar, and tungsten. However, it was Hublot’s use of a rubber strap for the first time on a luxury sports watch which caught the attention of the international market. Hublot now offers a rubber strap on luxury watch model that they produce.
Hublot’s early models initially pulled their design inspiration from a ship’s porthole, a motif which is still clear in even the most contemporary models within their line, including the Big Bang, the Spirit of Big Bang, the Classic Fusion, the King Power, and the Unico models which utilize Hublot’s in-house movement.
The story of Hublot is still being written, with many of the brand’s luxury sport watches becoming true collector pieces, much to the begrudging respect of the purists.

Collections by Hublot

Big Bang

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Classic Fusion


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