Hermes began in 1837 handcrafting luxury saddles and high quality equestrian accessories in France. In 1922, Hermes produced and sold their first handbag and a legend of high fashion was born. Made famous in 1956 by Grace Kelly, authentic Hermes genuine leather handbags and fashion accessories have graced the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Elle MacPherson, Elizabeth Hurley, and Madonna.
In the 1920’s, Hermes expanded their leather offerings to include beautifully crafted wrist watch straps to accompany the wide selection of high end luxury time pieces that they were selling in the Hermes retail locations. In 1978, Hermes opened a production facility in Switzerland, which paved the way for a full line of authentic Swiss watches which were packed with technical precision and cutting edge design. Great success would be found with the womens’ Cape Cod and Nantucket models, while the mens’ Dressage and Clipper models would become fashion staples on an international level.
Today, Hermes continues to produce luxurious watches which embody the spirit of design and high fashion upon which the brand was founded.

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